God help us if they succeed.

Aljazeera is running an interesting piece by MJ Rosenberg about how Mitt Romney is embracing the Neocons.

This article is a must read.

Rosenberg writes about how George W. Bush didn’t give Israel permission to bomb Iran when he left the office and he is sure, Obama will not give that permission either. And everything indicates that Obama is reluctant to start a war with Iran.

But Romney said repeatedly, that Iran is a threat to Israel and therefore the US and cannot be allowed to exist in the way they do now. He openly mongers war and he will not be afraid to first-strike Iran when he has the chance to do so

What else can it mean when Romney says that Obama has not „prepared the military options“?

Of course, Obama has. The president and the US military fully prepare war contingency plans for use in every volatile international situation. To assert that they have none for Iran (a major US adversary since 1979) is really an accusation that Obama is not ready for war now. Romney, on the other hand, clearly is.

And why wouldn’t he be?

Romney told us where he stands on Iran (and the Middle East in general) on October 7, 2011, when he announced the 22 members of his foreign policy team.

Fifteen of the 22 worked on foreign policy for the George W Bush administration and six were members of the original neoconservative group, Project for the New American Century, that famously called on President Clinton in 1998 to begin „implementing a strategy for removing Saddam’s regime from power“. Its rationale: Saddam was producing weapons of mass destruction.

With Obama, there is a slight chance the region will not be „blessed“ with hundreds of thousands (maybe millions, if Israel decides to strike not only with conventional but nuclear weaponry) dead. With Romney, who is as neocon as it gets, only god can help us.


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